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Hypnotech 3 “Prescription Electronics” CD (FS-100)


Canada’s ambient pulsebeat pioneers return with an update to their old-school take on electronica. You can buy it internettishly at Piehead Records in Toronto, or at Tonevendor in the USA.

Various Artists “Futursonic Volume 1” CD (FS-001)


Features an all-Canadian cast of electronic artists, from IDM to deep ambient, including tracks by: Inclination, Tobas Mong, Hypnotech 3, Mara’s Torment, head|phone|over|tone, dreamSTATE and ARC. You can only get it from us.

Hypnotech 3 “In Tune with the True Distortion” CD (H3-001)


The debut CD by Hypnotech 3.

If you want to buy from us via mail: Canadian orders pay in Canadian $. US orders pay in US $. European orders pay in Euros. All others email first.
For our postal address, please email us at futursonic (at) mountaincable {dot/ net.



Futursonic is proud to present our first (non-compilation) CD release: Hypnotech 3’s Prescription Electronics (FS-100) is now available.

Upcoming Hypnotech 3 live shows include:

Friday, May 7th at Elements in London, with In Support of Living, DJ Phonecard, and The Riderless. Elements is on 192 Dundas St., between Richmond and Clarence.

Tuesday, May 18th at The Ambient Ping in Toronto with Low Frequency Pilot. The Ambient Ping happens at Club Nia at C’est What, at the corner of Front and Church St.

Hypnotech 3’s new CD Prescription Electronics is finally charting:

March 5th, it hit #13 at WZRD 88.1FM in Chicago IL.
March 19th, it hit #1 at CFMU in Hamilton ON.
March 19th, it hit #29 at CFRC Kingston ON.
March 26th, it hit #4 in RPM at CHRW 94.9FM in London ON.
April 2nd, it hit #4 in RPM at CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto ON.
April 9th, it hit #5 in RPM in the Canadian national campus RPM charts from Chartattack.
April 12th, it hit #9 in RPM at KSPC 88.7FM in Claremont CA.
April 23rd, it hit #4 at CFBX 92.5FM in Kelowna BC.

Tonevendor in California, carries some of our CDs in the USA.
Ping Things in Toronto, carries some of our CDs in Canada.
Piehead Records carries our CDs in Canada as well.
The Sonic Attack Overnight show on CFMU features underground elektro, Detroit techno, IDM and such.
Hypnotech 3 on Soundclick.com.
Can-Electronic, on Yahoogroups, is a discussion group for electronic music in Canada. For artists and listeners.
There’s a review at Evil Sponge of our first demos, 3 tracks from which ended up on our first CD “In Tune with the True Distortion”.
We’ve been reviewed several times at Gods of Music, but none of the reviewers there have ever really had a clue where we’re coming from. So they say polite things and add “but it’s not dancey pop!”
There’s a partial discography of us at Discogs.com. They forgot that our unreleased track “The Sound of Space”, from the True Distortion session, was also released on a Worthy Records compilation called “Stars from Worthy Skies”.
Bruce Mowat did an article on us and the other few interesting artists in town at In Music We Trust dot com.
Earshot Online did an article on John’s overnight radio show, Sonic Attack.
An old interview from 2002 at View Magazine.
Online radio you might enjoy

Let Them Eat cakeHere’s some of the better campus radio stations in the US and Europe, with their internet Winamp-compatible broadcast links. NOTE: they all require high bandwidth, so you’d better have a cablemodem or high-speed digital access.

For those lucky few, though, there’s ALWAYS something good on the radio.

SomaFM has an internet-only IDM station that’s better than anything else you’ll find. They also have a very good ambient station.
KFJC 89.7FM, Los Altos Hills CA, 32kbps
KUCI 88.9FM, Irvine CA, 24kbps
WFMU 91.1FM, Jersey City, NJ, 32kbps – old-style beard-scratching free-form radio.
WKDU 91.7FM, Philadelphia PA, 128kbps – seems to have gone downhill a bit in the past year, but still has a hilarious goblin-metal show.
WREK 91.1FM, Atlanta GA 128kbps – Best campus station in the USA!
WREK schedule archive – listen to their overnight shows. Ambient music aplenty!
Campus-Radio, 94.4FM Sankt-Poelten Austria, 128kbps
Radio Student, Ljubljana Slovenia, 56kbps
Radio Helsinki, 92.6FM, Graz Austria, 56kbps